Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Motorbike Wheelie World Championship 2016

Here is advanced notice about various motorbike events, including the motorbike Wheelie World Championship

1. Iconic Pendine Sands speed event (21st & 22nd May) which brings out two and four wheel rocket vehicles amongst others attempting world, European and UK speed records. Very telegenic location! Takes place at Pendine Sands, Wales 

2. The motorbike Wheelie World Championship (August 20th and 21st.) where the rider that travels the fastest, usually over 200MPH, in the wheelie position for a kilometre is the winner. Takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

3. The Elvington Autumn Mile (Sept. 17th & 18th.). You will also get weird and wonderful self designed / built vehicles attempting to establish world, European and UK speed records. Rumour has it that a jet power hearse, a motorised portaloo and snowmobile retrofitted for hard surfaces will perform! Takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Neem deel aan de WAVE TROPHY 2016!

(Arno van der Steen, Vereniging Elektrische Rijders)

De 6e editie van de WAVE TROPHY 2016 vindt plaats van 10 tot 18 juni 2016. De rit gaat van start in Bremerhaven, Duitsland, en eindigt in Liestal bij Bazel, Zwitserland. Ons doel is om aan te tonen dat elektrische mobiliteit beschikbaar en klaar is voor alledaags gebruik, en dat het tijd is voor een WAVE voor een schonere en meer duurzame wereld. Laten we de wereld in beweging zetten, samen

De WAVE start in Bremerhaven, Duitsland en gaat langs zo’n 50 steden, waar onder Detmold, Heinsberg, Mannheim, de Franse Elzas, Bern en Genève, en eindigt in Liestal bij Bazel in Zwitserland. De totale afstand bedraagt ca. 1800 km in 8 dagen.

De WAVE staat open voor private teams, bedrijfsteams of universiteitsteams. De WAVE bidet iedereen de kans om te netwerken, om vrienden met de zelfde visie te ontmoeten of om een fantastisch avontuur te beleven. Gedurende 8 dagen en 1800 km.




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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ecco tutti i dettagli della Rally più grande del mondo di veicoli elettrici (WAVE Trophy) 2016

Centinaia di veicoli elettrici di diversi paesi attraverseranno tre paesi compiendo 1000 miglia

Sono state annunciate tutti i dettagli della Rally di veicoli elettrici più grande del mondo -WAVE-Trophy 2016 (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition). Entusiasti di veicoli elettrici di tutto il mondo parteciperanno alla Trophy che attraverso tre nazioni compierà mille miglia .

I partecipanti a WAVE veicolo elettrico (EV) Trofeo 2015
La WAVE-TROPHY 2016 partirà il 11 giugno a Bremerhaven (Germania) prendendo rotta verso la Francia, per poi passare a Ginevra alle Nazione Unite per poi arrivare alla destinazione finale il 18 di giugno 2016 nelle vicinanze di Basilea (Svizzera). Nel suo percorso faranno 60 tappe in diverse città per promuovere la mobilita con mezzi alternative e sostenibili. Per i partecipanti sarà anche un occasione, per incrementare il loro sapere sui veicoli elettrici, e per socializzare con altri partecipanti.

Nel anno scorso la WAVE ha saputo unire 577 veicoli elettrici per compiere il record mondiale per il più grande corteo alla Formula-E di Berlino. Gli partecipanti venivano da Germania, Norvegia, Olanda, Svezia, Svizzera, Austria, Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Inghilterra, Italia,la Turchia e dal India. A bordo di veicoli di grandi costruttori Automobilistiche come la Citroen, Tesla, Nissan, Renault, BMW, Volkswagen e la E-Smart della Renault.

L` iniziatore della WAVE Louis Palmer e stato premiato dalle Nazione Unite con il premio “Champion of the Earth Award” perché avendo circumnavigato per due volte il mondo con il suo veicolo ad energia solare. Perché non ritiene sufficienti gli accordi presi alla conferenza sul clima lo scorso dicembre a Parigi, vorrebbe tramite la WAVE convincere più persone della necessita di prendere provvedimenti contro il riscaldamento globale involvendo anche scuole in tutto il mondo.

Ulteriori informazioni può trovare su :!wave-trophy/m13ko

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Details of 2016 world’s biggest electric vehicle rally announced - WAVE Trophy 2016

100s of vehicles from many countries will cover 1,000 miles through 3 countries

Details of the worlds largest electric vehicle rally WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) Trophy 2016 are announced. Many electric car enthusiasts from all over the world who will take part in June traveling over 1,000 miles through three countries in central Europe.  

Participants in WAVE electric vehicle (EV) Trophy 2015
Details of the worlds largest electric vehicle rally WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition)
Trophy 2016 are announced. Many electric car enthusiasts from all over the world who will take part in June traveling over 1,000 miles through three countries in central Europe.

In 2016 WAVE Trophy starts on June 11th in Bremerhaven (Northern Germany) and travels down to France. The convoy will stop at the United Nations in Geneva and finish near Basel, Switzerland on 18 June 2016. On the way the participants will stop in 60 cities using the WAVE gathering to raise awareness of green transport and promote sustainable living. It is also an opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge about electric vehicles, to network and socialises.

Last year WAVE attracted 577 electric vehicles setting a new world record for the world’s largest EV parade in Berlin at Formula-E, participants came from Germany, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Italy, Turkey and India.There were driving vehicles from major car manufacturers including Citroen, Tesla, Nissan, Renault, BMW, Volkswagen, Renault and E-Smarts.

WAVE founder Louis Palmer is holder of the UN Environmental Programme “Champion of the Earth Award“ for driving two times around the world in solar powered vehicles. He spoke about WAVE 2016 and said “After the signing Paris Climate Change agreement we feel it is not enough to inspire. So through the WAVE international electric vehicle trophy and school’s initiative we are acting. We urge society and leaders to be part of the needed change - now it's time for action, before it's too late.”

You can read more information here!wave-trophy/m13ko

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Video - 4,400 mile cycle / trek water research expedition across Africa

Announcement of details of a 4,400 mile (walking / riding) research expedition across Africa. Sheffield man Liam Garcia will lead a team asking and hopefully answering the question “Are we throwing away money on water projects in Africa?” This six month trek and cycle from Cape Town, South Africa to Kampala, Uganda will carry out formal research and investigation of water and sanitation projects. The team of three will also raise awareness of the issue though an ambitious social and conventional media campaign. Media enquiries to

Friday, 20 November 2015

World’s 1st nonstop extreme cycle across Cuba’s steamy tropical heat

Extreme cyclist Jacob Zurl (27) will attempt to be the first person to ride 1400 km (840 miles approx.) the length of Cuba non-stop. He will do this without stopping to sleep while dealing with heat and humidity, poor road surfaces and limited infrastructure. Jacob will attempt to do this in less than 55 hours - a journey that is usually completed by experienced cyclists in two weeks! This world first in a country unexplored by professional cyclists starts on Saturday the 15th of December 2015 and finishes on the 17th.

Jacob will be tackling this adventure at top speed and while battling fatigue after long hours in the saddle. During these two days he will have to handle high temperatures - heat by day of 30°C from early morning and 90% humidity. Temperatures can get as cold as 10C at night with the occasional frost arriving on a cold front. Also much of the route will travel through isolated farming communities which lack infrastructure, repair services and internet access. Other challenges he has to face are heavy traffic in the urban areas and related fumes from the many classic American cars.

Jacob will benefit from his experience of being the first person to ride the worlds highest and said to be on of the most dangerous roads in the world the Manali-Leh highway in the Himalayas. He will also send a week acclimatising and test which is the most appropriate local food he should eat while riding. In addition he has tried to increase his body tolerance for heat and humidity through the use of a sauna over many weeks. Jacob also has to consider the possible impact of this extreme ride on his health, particularly heart and lungs. It took many weeks for him to recover after his Himalaya ride.

The Austrian will be riding a custom-built carbon cross-bike with numerous special features. These include wider tires and a frame designed to reduce the impact of the uneven road surface on the rider.

Speaking about the challenge ahead, Jacob said, “Nobody has done a comparable challenge in such high heat and humidity up to now. I believe my love of endurance cycling, and unexplored cycle route, as well the support of my team and my family, will get me through.”

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Weltweit erste Nonstop-Durchquerung 1400km Kubas mit dem Fahrrad

Extremradfahrer Jacob Zurl (27) will der Erste sein, der die 1400 km lange Strecke von Kubas Westküste bis zur Ostküste mit dem Fahrrad nonstop durchfährt – Kuba Coast to Coast. Er möchte dies ohne Schlaf und unter extremen Bedingungen wie schwüler Hitze, schlechten Straßenverhältnissen und mangelnder Infrastruktur bewältigen. Jacob möchte diesen Rekordversuch in weniger als 55 Stunden schaffen – eine Reise, die erfahrene Radfahrer normalerweise in zwei Wochen zurücklegen! Die weltweit erste Kuba-Durchquerung dieser Art startet am Samstag, dem 15. Dezember, und endet zwei Tage später, am 17. Dezember 2015.

Jacob wird dieses Abenteuer mit Top-Speed bewältigen, während er gegen die Müdigkeit ankämpfen muss, die nach vielen Stunden im Sattel auftaucht. In diesen Tagen muss er mit hohen Temperaturen bis etwa 30°C und einer Luftfeuchtigkeit von 90% rechnen. Dafür kann die Temperatur nachts auf bis zu 10°C absinken. Ein Großteil der Strecke verläuft durch isolierte, bäuerliche Gegenden, denen es an Infrastruktur, Reparaturdiensten sowie Internetzugang fehlt. Eine weitere Herausforderung stellen der starke Verkehr in den städtischen Gebieten und die damit verbundenen Abgase der zahlreichen klassischen amerikanischen Autos dar.

Jacob profitiert von seinen Erfahrungen, die er bei seinem letzten Projekt gewonnen hat – der schnellsten Fahrrad-Überquerung des höchsten Gebirgszuges des Welt, des Himalayas. Dort befuhr er am Manali-Leh Highway bereits die höchsten und auch einige der gefährlichsten Straßen der Welt. Es hat ihn viele Wochen gekostet, um sich von seiner Himalaya-Fahrt zu erholen. 

In Kuba wird sich Jacob eine Woche akklimatisieren und testen, welche lokalen Lebensmittel er gut verträgt und während der Tour zu sich nehmen kann. Zusätzlich bereitet er sich durch regelmäßige Saunagänge auf die enorme Hitze und die hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit vor, die auf ihn zukommen werden. Jacob ist sich auch der möglichen Auswirkungen dieser Fahrt auf seine Gesundheit – im Speziellen auf Herz und Lunge – bewusst. Technisch wird der Österreicher die Tour mit einem professionellen Cross-Rad bestreiten. Breitere Reifen sowie ein Rahmen, der speziell darauf ausgerichtet ist, Unebenheiten der Straße auszugleichen, gehören zur Spezialausstattung dieses Fahrrads.

Wenn Jacob an die bevorstehende Herausforderung denkt, meint er: „Niemand hat bisher eine vergleichbare Leistung unter einer solch hohen Hitze und Luftfeuchtigkeit erbracht. Ich glaube, meine Liebe zum Extremradfahren und zu unerforschten Radstrecken sowie die Unterstützung durch mein Team und meine Familie werden mich antreiben.“

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