Wednesday, 4 March 2015

We are working with a range adventures & extreme sport events

Over the next 12 months we will be working with a range adventurers and on extreme sport events. Here is information on some of them.

The Alpen Tour mountain bike race
Austria's skiing Mecca is host to the best mountain bikers. For four days an international selection of top athletes and ambitious hobby bikers competes for fame and glory.  They can also collect UCI points and prize money in the mountains of the beautiful and dramatic Schladming-Dachstein region.

Attempt to be 1st to fly a gyrocopter around the world
Gyrcopter / autogyro man Norman Surplus is attempting to be the first person to fly such an aircraft around the world.  Norman has already traversed 18 countries and has crossed forest fires in India, emergency landing there and in the Saudi Arabian desert and a dip in a Thai lake. He will departing the west coast of the US in the Summer and from there he will head across the US and up to Canada with regular stops. The aircraft is open cockpit with a range 6 to 700 miles so it is like the early days of flying. After Canada Norman then he crosses the Atlantic island hopping via Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and home to N. Ireland.

Solar tuk tuk from Indian to UK for green transport
Bangalore based engineer Naveen Rabelli is planning to drive his self-designed / built solar tuk tuk from his home to the UK. As a result of the launch of this project last year we achieved media coverage across India and the globe.

The Glocknerman cycling marathonThe Glocknerman is an utra bicycle marathon for individuals and teams. It is one of the oldest existing extreme cycling events with start and finish in Graz, Austria. The participants must cycle 1010 km and not only fight for the popular "Glocknerman" title, but also for Ultra Bike Marathon World Champion.

Jet luge world record speed attempt
Australian Daz (The Cowboy) Fellows will attempt to break the Guinness world land speed record for the fastest powered streetluge. His streetluge, a man-sized skateboard, has the added bonus of two jet engines with afterburners creating a ‘jet luge”. Daz hopes to beat the current record of nearly 190 km/h (120mph) by a factor of two+ while using only his feet as breaks! Daz is well prepared for the record through years of stunt work in TV and streetluge in Australia.

The world’s oldest and "toughest" international mountain bike race
The world’s oldest and said to be the toughest international mountain bike race (MTB) is set to take place in the remote far north of Australia. Starting October 18th the ‘Crocodile Trophy’ will see over 100 professional and amateur riders from around the world cycle 900km (nearly 560 miles) - basically nine marathons in a row. The participants will ride nine stages through lush rainforests, dry intense heat of the Outback and mountain trails climbing to 3,000m, finishing on the tropical coast of Queensland.

A finally a skydive world record attempt in the US.

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

The world’s oldest and "toughest" international UCI mountain bike race

The Crocodile Trophy is the world’s oldest and said to be the toughest UCI international mountain bike race. There are riders from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK taking part.

It takes place in Australia starting October 18th. the ‘Crocodile Trophy’ will see over 100 professional and amateur riders. The participants cycle 900km (nearly 560 miles) - basically nine marathons in a row. They will ride nine stages through lush rainforests, dry intense heat of the Outback and mountain trails climbing to 3,000m, finishing on the tropical coast of Queensland.

2014 sees the Crocodile Trophy celebrate its 20th anniversary and for the first time it is registered as an official Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) race. As a result participants can collect valuable UCI points, for the first time, which are used for cyclist ranking internationally. In addition the Crocodile Trophy offers prize money to the value of AUD 40,000.

What: Crocodile Trophy international mountain bike race
When: 18th – 26th October 2014. 
Starts: Smithfield Regional Park near Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Finishes: Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Chasing the Midnight Sun to the arctic in a microlight

Nord Kapp in Norway lies 321 miles above the Arctic Circle, which means that during the summer months it is one of the places you can see the sun above the horizon at midnight.

The aim of 'Chasing the Midnight Sun' adventure is to make the 2,500+ mile flight to Nord Kapp to see the Midnight Sun and have the aircraft positioned on the ground at the beacon there, facing north at Midnight towards the sun. Yes, at midnight the sun is due north!

There is no airfield at the beacon but because the team will be flying a microlight they are hoping to get permission for them to land on the approach road by the beacon.

The beacon at Midnight with the aircraft and crew in the foreground should make a dramatic image that has never been seen before. They believe that no microlight has even landed there and been pictured with the midnight sun.

Of course, this flight will be more than just a trip up to the Arctic circle to see the sun…in fact the return journey will be via a different route than the journey north. They will add another 2,500 miles to the journey giving a flight of 5,000 miles in all, which is quite an undertaking in an aircraft with a 300 mile range! The team will visit 12 different countries…France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland during the adventure.

Although this is a work in progress and all destinations will be carefully chosen, it has already been decided that the they will fly to the Oresund Bridge which links Denmark and Sweden. They may even attempt to allow the aircraft to fly under it are underway. They hope to arrive and do this on the same day as the bridge has the 15th anniversary of its opening.

Another highlight will be the arrival of the team at Santa Claus’s own airport in Finland! Yes, there is a Santa Claus Airport!

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Project flies low income patients to distant medical facilities

Since 1991, Wings of Mercy has been helping people improve their chances of getting well by facilitating free flights to some of the best medical destinations east of the Rocky Mountains in the US. It is dedicated to connecting pilots with low income patients in need of transportation to distant medical facilities.

Wings around the World is a attempt to fly a light aircraft around the world with the objective of increasing public awareness about and funds for Wings of Mercy. The intention also is to raise awareness of similar private aviation initiatives around the world.

The team will start their flight in June 2015, in the US making frequent stops to support the objective. Initial planned route starts and ends at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Route covers all US states east of Wisconsin then Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, Australia, Philippines, China, Japan and Alaska. finishing with all US states west of Wisconsin (except Hawaii), terminating at the EAA Air Show in 2015

Who is needed:
  • Pilots - 5-6, each to fly about 5,000 miles with Tim Fino
  • Logistics crew - ground based)
  • Safety review crew - ground based
  • Advance planning/route planning - help us determine the actual route and stops!
Wings of Mercy is a non-profit, volunteer organization of pilots who donate the use of their time and airplane.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting photos about your story into the media

If you want to get photos publish in the media, about your story, they are usually looking for a specific type of photo. The three most important things for the media are:
  • You must try to tell / document the whole story in one photo - a big ask.
  • The photos must be original
  • The photos should be unpublished

Here are some other guidelines in relation to photo contents.
  • Photos need context - clearly show the place and subject matter through signage, a building, a prop, monument or land / cityscape
  • Make the subject stand out with a dramatic background different from the main subject matter - sky, landscape etc
  • People should look natural – not posing lined up like a football team photo
  • Shoot from different angles to make it interesting -  the side, above or below
  • Shoot people close up and from the middle distance.
  • Show peoples faces
  • Illustrate the cultural diversity / difference of the photo location adding interest and context

For more thoughts and guidelines on getting your photos into the media, email

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Russian security service dash hopes of world record global flight completion

An attempt to fly the first autogyro / gyrocopter around the world has been forced to quit its full circumnavigation. This is after travelling thousands of miles flying consecutively through 18 of the 24 countries needed to achieve this Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) World Record Circumnavigation. This is because the Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) have refused to respond to requests from that countries Civil Aviation Authority (CAA / FATA). The Russian CAA cannot issue the required flight permission to fly through their airspace without FSB input. This is particularly frustrating for pilot and adventurer Norman Surplus as there seems to be no issues related to the aircraft, weather, routing or himself

Norman, currently holder of nine FAI world records, started his record setting bid, named Gyrox Goes Global, from Northern Ireland in March 2010. Upon reaching the 18th country (Japan) in July 2011 it was then halted by a rescinded overflight permission for the Russian Far East due to unexpected flight delays earlier in the route. Since that point, new Russian permission has been repeatedly sought from 2011 to 2014 while the aircraft has been kept in Japan and Norman has patiently waited.

“It is not as if a global World Record attempt such as this poses any sort of meaningful “security” issue for any particular country, rather, it should be held up and viewed for what it is, a friendly, positive symbol of international cooperation, much like any other truly global sporting event such as the Olympics or the football World Cup. Those events would simply not happen unless all the participating countries agreed to work together simply and for no other purpose other than for the advancement and celebration of sporting achievement throughout the world. The world community is enriched by such events and they are a constant reminder of our common humanity on this planet.

Initially all seemed to go well, all local en route airfields across the Russian Far East were contacted and proved 100% supportive, fuel logistics worked out, much support and encouragement was offered from the local aviation community and both the Russian CAA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked their best to secure the all so necessary flight permission. However there was one glitch in all the meticulous planning. According to the guidelines for such flights various agencies needed to be consulted for their opinion on the suitability of the flight. Unfortunately one such “statutory consultee” was missing and simply did not respond despite numerous attempt to ask them to do so. That agency was the Federal Security Bureau (FSB).

Norman speaking about this said “The reason for the continued and consistent lack of any FSB response is baffling and extremely frustrating for our whole team and also for our many supporters that have closely followed the flight so far”.

He continues:
In our case however, it is only by the combined openness of all the 24 countries involved en route that a successful circumnavigation can ever hope to be achieved. So it`s a very sad state of affairs when we are now halted, not through any physical impasse or barrier to aviation but purely through an apparent lack of enthusiasm from one government Agency to even be bothered to respond to a simple request asked from another Agency, when they are supposedly both working for the benefit and advancement of the same country on the world stage”

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Cyclist successfully finishes the fastest ever ride of the Himalayas

Austrian cyclist Jacob Zurl (26) successfully finished the fastest ever ride of the Himalayas in 38 hours 40 min. 

Here is his brief report in his own words.
"Because of the heavy rain in Manali we started on Monday (August 4th, 2014.) at 11:00 am in Manali - Main Bazar. I reached the Khardung La at 1:40 am.

It was harder than I ever thought. To cycle for so many hours in such high altitude is real extrem and very difficult for mind and body. Every hour my support crew measured my oxygen saturation and three times it was the lowest ever. So my support team decided to do a short stop. They also thought that my body wouldn't handle the thin air over that many hours and that he would have to stop the record attempt. I really want to thank my girlfriend, Greta (who studies medicine), who made the decision that he can go on.

The road was so bad - maybe only 50% was asphalt - and at the end my arms and my ass hurt so much."

He did his ride without stopping for sleeping while dealing with extreme temperatures, the poor / no road surface, freezing streams, slush and thin air of high altitude. Jacob was attempting to do this in less than 48 hours - a journey that is usually completed by experienced cyclists in two weeks!