Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Retracing 1914 anthropological study to Easter Island from the UK

Susie Stephen is continuing her 8,000+ mile journey, running, cycling and flying from the UK to Easter Island.  

Susie's goal is to carry out an environmental study and re-trace the 1914 anthropological study journey undertaken by Katherine Routledge focused on Polynesia. The bike leg will start on April 12th from Buenos Aires. This is after visiting some of the places the Routledges did 100 years ago and visiting the port where her boat docked.

The next phase is cycling nearly 1,000 miles across S. America where she will challenged by cold and thin air of the Andes and thirst and heat of the desert. She already ran the length of England - 300 miles! 

Susie's plan is to ride for 23-25 days across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to reach Santiago, Chile early May. She will then fly out to Rapa Nui, Easter Island about ten days before the marathon - which is on June 1st. This is all for Australian NGO Pacific Aid.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

222 skydivers from 28 nations in world record attempt above Arizona

222 skydivers from 28 nations attempted to break the FédérationAéronautique Internationale (FAILargest Sequential Freefall Formation World Record. All the skydivers exited from ten aircraft flying in tight formation at 19,000 feet (nearly 5,800 meters) above the Arizona desert in the USA. The skydivers only had approx. 80 seconds from the start time exiting aircraft to separating to open their parachutes. 

They attempted two different formations created on the same dive provided a kaleidoscopic visual in the sky while setting the world record. Each element has its dangers but with 20 years experience and safety taking a priority for the skydivers aka World Team.

This took place on March 28 – April 4, 2014, with preparation skydives starting March 28th and expectations of the record being achieved anytime between April 1-3rd. It all happened at Skydive Arizona in the US.

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

11,000 mile record-breaking walk to Africa will bring clean water to communities

A novel and dangerous way to raise awareness of the lack of safe and clean water in Africa started on March 22nd 2014. It involves the founder of the recently established Long Well Walk charity departing on an 11,000 mile (nearly 18,000km) walk to Africa. The arduous trek, lasting 18 months, will be a world record attempt and traverse 15 countries. The person undertaking this adventure, Liam Garcia, will visit all the projects his charity supports and donate 100% of all public donations raised to the projects.

The Long Well Walk is committed to developing effective, sustainable water and sanitation projects in partnership with local communities. It has several on-going projects across south-eastern Africa, including: Kinyinabo, Bunjakko Island, Uganda; Namavundu, Uganda; Alton Masai, Oldanyati, Kenya. These projects are funded by public donations, 100% of this money will go solely to these life changing projects; The Long Well Walk works in a completely transparent way so it will show exactly how donations are spent and used.

Speaking about the walk Liam said, "Globally, diseases from dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence. With this in mind I came up with a simple if not crazy idea to walk from my hometown of Sheffield to Cape Town. On the way I will raise awareness of the lack of safe and clean water in many of the countries along the way and to raise money to provide sustainable sources for water."

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Finish of 300 mile England run on the way to Easter Island!

Susie Stephen finished the first phase of her travels (running, cycling & sailing) from the UK to Easter Island. This was the 300 mile run from her home town of Darlington, County Durham to Bursledon, Hamshire, England Wednesday (26 Feb. 2014) where she was greeted by her parents. 

She returns to Hawaii where she lives for recovery before the next phase, cycling across S. America. There is a photo in this batch of her running in Hawaii previously.

Susie's expedition titled "Running after Routledge" has a goal of carrying out an environmental study of Easter island. She will also re-trace the 1914 anthropologicalstudy journey undertaken by Katherine Routledge focused on Polynesia. Susie's planned route across S. America will start from Argentina will take Susie across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to Santiago, Chile. From there, Susie will then sail from Valparaiso out to Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

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'Turning Japanese' while waiting there 3 years to fly around the world

Gyrocopter man around the world Norman Surplus is heading back to Japan this weekend for the tenth time. 

While going back and forth over the last three years to the Japan, about three times a year, he us "turning Japanese' in that he has partaken in all sorts of local activities such as:
  • Planting / harvesting rice
  • Making traditional soba noodle
  • Picking cherries
  • Going to the Onsen (Japanese bath house)
  • Making a traditional handmade Tanami mat
  • Picking Walaby (type of Japanese fern) and eating it after treatment
  • Participating in various local festivals

Norman and his gyrocopter are stuck in Japan because the Russians will not let him fly into their Far East airspace - his only route forward!

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Young adventurer’s Murray River ascent not deflected by venomous snakes and extreme weather

Young adventurer and all-round nature man Chris Hayward (19) has just passed the half way mark of his ascent of Australia's longest river the Murray. He already covered over 750 miles (1,200 km). When he runs out of river Chris will trek for 100’s of miles to the finish on the continents highest mountain. On previous adventures Chris has survived venomous bites, extreme weather and multiple kayak capsizings non of which has discouraged his exploits. During his ascent of the Murray he has been rescuing and introducing wildlife to local children and indulging in his favourite hobby wildlife photography.

Chris embarked on his first adventure at the ripe old age of 16 when hitch hiked solo 4,600km across Australia. He began this adventure at the end of last year (19 December 2013) at the mouth of the Murray River, in the Southern Ocean.  His plan is to kayak 2,520km upstream before taking the kayak out and hiking the last 236km to the Murray source. But he will not stop there once he reaches the source, he plans to head east and trek to and then climb  the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia's highest peak.

Speaking about reaching the half way mark on the Murray Chris said “People told me it is impossible to kayak up the Murray River, well with some careful planning and consideration there is only one way to find out, now here I am, passed the half way point and prepared for the increasing flow. One of my favourite parts of all my expeditions is educating and inspiring kids and adults alike in relation to nature and adventure!”
Throughout his Murray ascent Chris has rescued various types of wildlife including an Eastern Grey Kangaroo which was stuck almost neck deep in river mud. He also rescued an Eastern Brown Snake from a man beating it which caused a the snake few broken ribs and a damaged back.

Chris has encountered many mishaps including being bitten by two venomous snakes and a redback spider. He also spent an entire night on a cliff face in freezing weather and end up in hospital after capsizing six times previously on the Murray River. He is following in the footsteps of British explorer Captain Charles Sturt who was the first to map much of the Murray and Darling river system and recognised as discovering the Murray River in 1830. The expedition is expected to take between four and seven months as it depends on rainfall and river flow.
Chris gain his skills and knowledge of long distance river kayaking  on a previous expedition. At the beginning of August 2012, Chris set off from Biggara, Victoria and kayaked for 99 days down the Murray River.  The trip will be raising funds for Greenfleet, an environmental charity. Greenfleet encourages people to avoid & reduce greenhouse gas emissions, then offset what's left by planting biodiverse native forests in Australia.

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

UK man to retains world & US 24 non-stop hour cycling title

Endurance cyclist Chris Hopkinson (47) from Richmond, N. Yorks has retained his World Ultra Marathon Cycling Association 24 hr title in the US at Bike Sebring 2014 today Sunday (16 Feb, 2014). He cycled 468.1 beating the nearest rival by over 27 miles.  

This event took place at Sebring International Raceway, 113 Midway Dr, Sebring, FL 33870, United States at it ran over the 15th and 16th. February 2014. He established his title after cycling over 432 miles in 24 hours non stop in February 2013. Chris's schedule for 2014 looks like this:

  • 50 mile Cycling Time Trial (CTT) - May 
  • Race Across America (RAAM) - June 10th 
  • UK National 24 hr - July 19th/20th 
  • Tour of British Columbia, Canada (5145 km) - July 27th 
  • 12 hr Cycling Time Trial (CTT) - August 
  • Burton and District Cycling Alliance (BDCA) 100 - last weekend in August 
  • California 24hr - November 
Chris, who lives in Richmond, was a late starter in the cycling world when he began to cycle to work at the age of 31 in 1998. Prior to that he led a relatively sedentary lifestyle, but with a new found love of cycling he was soon racing in time trials all over the UK. Chris retired from cycling in 2007 and only returned again 18 months ago, with the idea of completing the coast to cost Race Across America (RAAM) in 2013. He completed RAAM in 2013.

He is currently a member of 32 Signal Regiment, Royal Signals (Northern) Band and works as a peripatetic music teacher for Durham County Council. Chris currently lives with his girlfriend Jenny Bonham and his two children. Jenny, his Crew Chief, organising the logistics of the race for Chris.

Chris is the current Ultra Marathon Cycling Association 24hr World Champion, having cycled over 432 miles in Bike Sebring, Florida, USA earlier this year. He also competed in the 3,000 mile coast to coast Race Across America (RAAM) in August.

In 2013 Chris attempted to beat the current Guinness World Record for cycling from Lands End to Jon-O-Groats and back. He had to abandon his attempt due to the unseasonably low temperatures and high winds.

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