Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion - on the back wheel at 214.669mph for a kilometre

The new Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion Egbert Van Popta, Netherlands stunned the crowd with a run at 214.669mph but just dropped the front wheel down between the timing beams for a fail so over 210 mph was looking a distinct possibility. Sure enough Egbert didn't disappoint with 213.309mph to set a new motorcycle wheelie world record. A huge cheer went up from the crowd and Egbert was congratulated on his return to the pits by previous record holder Gary Rothwell from Liverpool. Gary was indeed second quickest on 206.049mph, just shy of his 200.8mph record. Third in the competition, all the way from Minneapolis USA, was Cecil "Bubba" Myers on his third visit to the event. He astonished everyone with a stunning new personal best close to 200mph with a 197mph, his previous a 134.4mph.

New Motorcycle Wheelie World Champion World Egbert van Popta, Netherlands wheelieing at (photo Phil Evans)
There were 15 successfully completing a Kilometre wheelie. Other performance of note were Tom Swales, Selby. North Yorkshire on a borrowed the ex-Egbert GSXR1100 turbo who achieved a new personal best at 169.206mph. Dave Corrance, from England but living in France, had a new personal best at 166.8mph having been quickest on Saturday on 156.6mph. Dazz Rose from West London achieved his first ever kilo wheelie with a 165.069mph. Probably the most incredible statistic was down to Richard Roche Limerick, Ireland, his best time this year was exactly the same to the 1/1000th at 154.122mph.

Egbert brought along three other riders for the first time this year, Kees Vogel was straight on the case posting three successful attempts on Saturday and then improving to 129.811mph on his Triumph Daytona 955. Vincent Hoogerwart, yes a commentators nightmare of a name, late on Sunday managed a kilo wheelie at 143.650mph . Unlucky not to be the first female rider to achieve a kilo wheelie was Kimberly Davy Schyven, Netherlands. Her best with the front wheel up through the timing beams was 141.518mph unfortunately Kimberly had dropped the front wheel down at half track for a fail.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Solar electric tuk tuk traveling 1000's of km overland from India to Europe to promote sustainable transport

An Indian man's self designed and built solar electric tuk tuk is travelling thousands of kilometres from India to the UK.  Auto engineer Naveen Rabelli set off from Bangalore with his solar electric creation and he is expected to arrive in the UK in early September. 

Naveen's "Tuk Tuk-Tejas", which he designed, built and tested over four years, runs on solar and electricity power and has 0 emissions. Travelling at a pace of around 100 km per day, Naveen plans to complete the 8,800 km to Europe in about 100 days. The object of the adventure is to create awareness of electric vehicles and solar powered vehicles as a sustainable low cost alternative transport solution for tens of millions of people in Asia and beyond.
Naveen Rabelli & solar tuk tuk at Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sophia, Bulgaria

The rest of Naveen’s journey will cross Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and finally the UK. He hopes his project which will eventually reach London, enhances knowledge about the practical application of solar electric transport. In support of this, Naveen plans to publish a paper to share his experiences and learning online so that people can use the data he is collecting. The goals of this project, which are supported by the WAVE Trophy, is to not only create awareness of alternative mobility solutions for passenger vehicles in Asia and Europe it is also to:
  • Show the benefits of using a solar electric mobility solution and to demonstrate that they are affordable.
  • Practically demonstrate a solar electric prototype that is reliable technology
  • Promote the use of electric vehicles as way to reduce the impact of climate change
  • To connect with people along the way who are working towards sustainable living solutions.
  • To showcase an entirely Indian solution to the world.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Extremely modified road cars aim to be the best all round performers in the UK

One of UK's top performance road car events is set to take place for the 15th time at the end of July. Ten of the Best (TOTB), organised by Straightliners Ltd, aimed at finding the best all round cars and drivers in the UK. 'Handling', top speed and a 1/4m drag strip are used to determine the best of the best street-legal cars and drivers. TOTB is also an opportunity for competitors and spectators to experience the raw power and performance of the best modern high tech / high spec cars and retro classics. Thousands of spectators and hundreds of competitors and car clubs will pour into the grounds (Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England) over the last weekend in July (30th & 31st July).

Essential the participant vehicles are regular (road) cars that have been souped up and modified, some to the extreme. TOTB attracts drivers hoping to break UK or world records and to prove their modified cars’ performance and their abilities to the public. All cars that compete in the main competition class are road legal, taxed, tested and insured. There is also a new "pro-drag class" for the ultimate drag specific cars. In addition many of the entrants have built and modified their own vehicles, while others represent the cream of the crop from the tuners and garages that specialise in the types of cars that compete. The three areas of competition are:
  • Handling - sharp cornering, acceleration and braking
  • Top speed - the fastest over a kilometre
  • Drag strip - over a quarter mile (1320 feet, 402 m)
Entrants come from most of the UK and European car clubs and groups, along with individual entries and invited tuner cars with the latest performance enhancing devices. Points are awarded in each of the three events overall, making it extremely difficult to score points in all events, unless the car and driver are on top form! The 'Pro Mod' drag class will have its own shootout final and trophy, with regular head to head runs during the event. Individual classes are also used to determine class trophies and these are:
  • FWD (front wheel drive)
  • RWD (rear wheel drive)
  • 4WD (four wheel drive)
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Friday, 8 July 2016

On the back wheel for a kilometre at 190mph+ the goal of motorbike wheelie world champions

Riding on the back wheel for a kilometre at over 200mph for a kilometre is the goal of motorcycles bidding to be the wheelie world champion. This can be seen over and over again at the 10th World Wheelie Championship set to take place in England in mid-August. Up to 30 top competitors from the USA, UK, France, Holland and Ireland will be competing for the world title. Success depends on exclusively the rider’s high-level skill, which is used to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle. This is no mean feat as some of these retro fitted machines are the most powerful in the world.

Thousands of spectators are expected at the motorcycle World Wheelie Championship that takes place on August 20th. and 21st. at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, EnglandThe participants will ride very powerful customised motorbikes with some rated at 450 horsepower if turbo charged viewed by thousands of spectators. The winner and world record holder will be the fastest to complete a kilometre in the wheelie position. Success depends on the rider’s high level skill to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle as no electronic or mechanical aids can be used. 

Thetop wheelie riders at the event will be current record holder Gary Rothwell from England who achieved 209mph  wheelie in 2015. Also present will be Egbert Van Popta from Holland riding a Hayabusa Turbo 195.805 MPH and Paddy O'Sullivan from Ireland riding a Suzuki GSXR 189.822 MPH. Representing UK will be Dave 'Dodge' Rogers, previous World Wheelie Champion, who conceived and is the original driving force behind the World Wheelie Championship.

The World Wheelie Championship is organised by Straightliners and takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England. Straighliners is affiliated to the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and the International Organisation of Professional Drivers (IOPD). Rider participation including record ratification and timing is administered by to UK Timing Association (UKTA).  Both Straighliners and UKTA were set up by renowned motorcycle racer Trevor Duckworth.

Speaking about the World Wheelie Championship ‘Dodge’ said “In the early days of wheelie world records it was dominated by an elite few with high powered turbo bikes. Working with Straightliners we wanted to also involve the average guy on his sports bike. The rules for the World Wheelie Championship has achieved this by attracting serious motorcycle riders from all walks of life.” 


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Thursday, 30 June 2016

WAVE Trophy electric vehicle rally - media coverage & participants comments

We have finished the 1,000 mile the WAVE Trophy electric vehicle rally across Europe (Germany, France & Switzerland).  It was an opportunity to put e-motorbikes and e-scooters to the test and get some insight to the experience of travelling across Europe with such bikes.  

The WAVE Trophy is an annual event brings together EV enthusiasts, this year from 10 countries who were travelling 1,000 miles through three countries.  In 2016 it started on June 11th in Bremerhaven (Northern Germany) and 70 teams traveled down through Germany to Alsace, France finishing in Switzerland.  Participants will visit engage with and learn about many sustainable / e-mobility companies along the route. On the way the participants also stop in many towns and cities and  participants had an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about e-bikes, to network and socialise.

Talking about about the WAVE Trophy 2016 here are some comments from some of the participants:

"Electric cars are our future and I will not drive any other car. WAVE Trophy is an inspiration for me. Organiser Louis Palmer has a vision I like to share and support. Let’s go big reaching more and more people"

"It was a fabulous bouquet out of meeting lots of interesting people, being in different kinds of beautiful landscapes, learning many, many new things effortlessly, along the way and - most important - getting an understanding, a grasp of the future world."

"Driving any electric vehicle feels strange at first - especially when it is a motorcycle. No clutch, no gears, no sound other than the wind. After a few hours you get used to it, and then you start enjoying the smooth acceleration. After driving electric you don't really want to go back to any combustion machine. It is simply a matter of time until most bikers will drive electric, and only a few nostalgic veterans and old timers will be seen on the streets in a not so far future."

"Driving with solar energy is a great (the best) experience."

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

1st Canadian team to take part in worlds biggest electric vehicle rally to promote sustainable transport

A Quebec couple will be the first Canadian team to take part in the WAVE Trophy electric vehicle (EV) Rally, the worlds largest EV rally.  They will joint up with many electric car enthusiasts from all over the world who will take part in WAVE Trophy EV Rally 2016. The rally will start in Germany and travel over 1,600 kilometres through three countries in central Europe.

In 2016 WAVE Trophy starts on June 11th in Bremerhaven (Northern Germany) and travels down to Alsace, France.  Participants will visit, engage with and learn about many sustainable / e-mobility companies along the route. The convoy will stop at the United Nations in Geneva and finish near Basel, Switzerland on 18 June 2016. On the way the participants will stop in many cities using the WAVE gathering to raise awareness of green transport and promote sustainable living.  It is also an opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge about electric vehicles, to network and socialise.

In addition WAVE education project is getting school students from around the world to write pledge cards with a commitment to reduce their CO2 emissions.  These are being collected by local EVs. From there they are sent / delivered to WAVE in Switzerland. At the end of the WAVE Rally they will be presented to the UN in Geneva as a single card - this will also be a world record attempt. The object of this project is to raise the awareness of these students to the problems of climate change and pollution, they were brought to realise that, as the future generation, they have a big role and can help our environment.

EV enthusiasts Christine Théwissen and André LeBlanc from Gatineau, Quebec have always been very environmentally conscious and have raised their son and daughter to respect and appreciate the environment - 22 and 24. Christine is a Primary School Teacher and André is a Database Administrator. Speaking about their involvement in the WAVE Trophy Christine said "Driving a gas car always bothered us because of the pollution it created.  We bought a hybrid in 2010 and we’re amazed when the electric motor kicked in. In 2014, we made the leap to our first electric car and  we have never loved a vehicle so much and will never go back to gas! When an article on the WAVE Trophy we jumped on it right away.  We believe it will be an incredible journey where we are able to share our passion and our dream for a better world while making new friends from around the world.

Louis Palmer, founder of WAVE Trophy, holder of the UN Environmental Programme “Champion of the Earth Award“ for driving two times around the world in solar powered vehicles.

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2 équipes françaises (Alsace) qui participe au WAVE Trophy, le plus grand rallye de véhicules électrique au monde

Deux couples d’Alsaciens représenteront la France en participant au rallye WAVE Trophy, le plus grand rallye en véhicules électriques au monde (chaque couple constitue un équipage avec son véhicule) . Ils vont être rejoint par des dizaines d’autre fans de voitures électriques du monde entier, qui vont également participer au WAVE2016. Le rallye débutera en Allemagne et parcourra 1600km à travers 3 pays en Europe centrale.

L’édition 2016 du WAVE débutera le 11 juin à Bremerhaven (port de Brème, au nord de l’Allemagne) et traversera notament la France en passant par l’Alsace le 14 juin à Sélestat. Les participants découvriront des acteurs des énergies renouvelables et de l’électro-mobilité tout au long du parcours. Le convoi fera étape au siège des Nations Unies à Geneve et terminera près de BÂLE en Suisse, le 18 juin. Tout au long de leur périple, les participants traverseront de nombreuses villes pour lesquels le passage du WAVE sera l’occasion pour développer la prise de conscience autour de l’éco-mobilité et le développement durable. C’est également une formidable rencontre entre les différents participants, pour développer leurs réseaux et échanger leur expériences.

En complément, les organisateur du WAVE ont proposé aux élèves des écoles du monde entier d’écrire des carte de vœux illustrant leur engagement dans la réduction d’émission de CO2. Les cartes rédigées par les enfants sont collectées dans les écoles par des conducteurs de V.E. locaux volontaires. Ces cartes sont envoyée en Suisse au près du WAVE, ou encore emportées directement par des équipages du rallye. A l’issue du rallye, devant le siège des Nations Unies à Geneve, toutes ces cartes seront réunie pour n’en former qu’une seule géante. Il est d’ailleurs projeté qu’un record du monde soit ainsi battu. L’objectif premier de cette opération est de développer la prise de conscience de la part de ces élèves aux problématiques de la pollution et des changements climatiques. Ils sont invités à prendre en compte, étant la prochaine génération, que leur rôle est essentiel et qu’ils peuvent agir pour leur environnement.

Nos Alsaciens en voiture électriques, des conducteurs de V.E. chevronnés, sont fans du WAVE Trophy depuis 2013. Les deux équipages avaient déjà participé à l'édition 2014 du WAVE :

- Jennifer et Frédéric Appelshaeuser, parent d'un jeune garçon, habitent à 67-Néewiller et roulent en voiture électrique au quotidien. Frédéric est ouvrier en plasturgie et Jennifer dirige la planification de la production dans une usine a papier. Jennifer maîtrise aussi bien l'Allemand que l'Anglais et avait fait le choix d'écrire leur blog dans les trois langues (Fr. / All. / Angl.) lors de leur participation au WAVE 2014. Cette particularité lui aura valu l'intérêt de Nissan Motos Ltd basée au Japon qui l'a sollicité pour faire partie d'un groupe d'utilisateur référents (12 personnes dans le monde). Jennifer est ainsi devenue en quelque sorte notre Ambassadrice Française du V.E. auprès du fabricant automobile." Nissan wants us to add this after the paragraph I sent you: A l’occasion de ce rallye Nissan Motor Co. Ltd France a décidé de leer confier une Nissan LEAF 30kWh affichant une autonomie supplémentaire de 26% par rapport au précédent modèle (soit 250 kms)

-  Marie et Benoît Kayser, la quarantaine et parents de deux garçons, habitent près de 67-Sélestat et conduisent tous les deux leur propre V.E. au quotidien. Benoît est Responsable de projet dans un laboratoire industriel et Marie est auxiliaire de vie sociale au domicile de personnes âgées. Lorsqu’on les interroge concernant leur motivation dans le WAVE, Benoît répond : “ Je souhaite vraiment passer le message que la V.E. est une solution d'aujorud'hui et non un simple concept pour le  futur. Le V.E. pourrait dès aujourd’hui être utilisé par un grand nombre de personnes pour leur déplacements alors qu’ils ne s’en doutent même pas." Les deux équipages sont unanimes, leur excitation à l’idée de participer pour une seconde fois à ce rallye est palpable, "Nous savons que nous allons revoir bon nombre d’amis rencontrés lors de notre première participation en 2014.”

Louis Palmer, créateur du WAVE Trophy, détenteur du titre “Champion of the Earth Award” décerné par l’ONU pour avoir effectué deux tours du monde en voiture solaire.

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